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Ally Stone Stone Sink

Ally stone now has opened up a whole new world of sink, bathtub, faucet and other accessory choices for your bathroom.
It is proven that the vanity area is the focal point of the bathroom. In the past, you could almost be certain that upon entering any bathroom you would be greeted by a plain white porcelain or cast-iron sink. Those days are long gone. Today, you have choice, not only of materials but also of color, texture and shape. The bathroom sink has become just as much of a piece of art.
Sinks come in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The most popular materials are glass, stone, copper, ceramic and most recently, wood. Each of these materials has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

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Stone Vessel Sink / Stone Wash Basin Care

Stone Vessel Sink / Stone Wash Basin Care Gallery

Stone is likely to catch up the glass to become the most popular sink material. There’re many type of stone including granite, marble, travertine, onyx, sandstone, limestone and many others with granite, marble and travertine being the most popular. Stone sinks are truly unique because each sink is hand carved from a single piece of natural stone, therefore there will never be two identical stone sinks. Natural materials such as stone emanate warmth and relaxation, it’ll make it to be a enjoyment to enter the bathroom.. Stone sinks come in a variety of shapes such as round-bowl, oval, square, trigonal, chess-shape, boat-shape, hexangular, wimble-shape etc. with the most popular and most practical being the stone bowl. Many stone sinks are also available with a natural unfinished outer surface that resembles the natural chiseled surface of a stone cliff. Stone sinks provide a natural beauty to your bathroom, and will immediately catch the attention of anyone who enters. There are of course disadvantages to stone sinks, mainly that stone is a porous material which means it can absorb and hold water. Stone sinks have to be regularly cleaned to keep their finish looking beautiful. Granite and marble have to be sealed with a stone sealer solution at least once a year.

stone sink     copper sink     wood sink     glass sink    ceramic sink    packing

Copper Vessel Sink / Copper Wash Basin Care

Copper Vessel Sink / Copper Wash Basin Care Gallery

Copper is yet another popular choice f sink material. Most copper sinks are “hand hammered” which means they are fabricated by an old world tradition which invoices an artisan hammering a single sheet of copper into a desired shape. Copper sinks are usually created by small fabrication workshops. The wonderfully unique feature of copper sinks is that they have a “living weathered finish”. Copper is a material that is constantly reacting to its environment. Factors such as moisture, temperature and water solids content all play a role in what a copper sink will eventually end up looking like. This phenomenon is typically known as the patina. Some will appreciate the natural evolving patina of copper while others want to keep their copper sink looking bright and glossy, like it was when they originally purchased it You can slow or prevent the change of coppers evolving patina finish by using a copper wax solution or sealant. In addition, copper sinks require regular cleaning with a gentle soap and water solution and it is recommended that they are dried after every use.

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Wood Vessel Sink / Wood Wash Basin Care

Wood Vessel Sink / Wood Wash Basin Care Gallery
All Ally Stone Sink factory wood vessel sinks are coated with a natural varnish derived from varnish tree (aka Rhus Verniciflua Stokes), this varnish creates a barrier between the wood and the water allowing for a perfect seal. The hardwood is carefully kiln dried and is extremely durable, the hard coat of varnish will prevent the wood from rotting due to water in the basin or moisture in the air.

If you will clean your Ally Stone wood vessel sink we advise you use the soft, sponge and anti-bacterial liquid soap to clean your sinks. Don't use chemicals, bleach, harsh abrasives or sponges with scouring surfaces. Any those things used for draining problems will be poured into drain, advoding touch the sink surfaces. Don't place extremely hot items on the surface of sink. We also advise keep the sink expose to water at least once every 2 weeks because natural property of hardwood and the varnish coating. Following these care procedures, can guarantee the finish of Ally Stone wood vessel sink remain clear and glossy for years to come.


The head of sales and marketing for Ally Stone—Jack Shu, a leading online provider of luxury vessel sinks made of natural stone, copper and wood. Ally Stone offers functional affordable handcrafted works of art that make sure to please even the most comfortable home owner. Jack have more than 10 years of experien in interior design, graphical development and home improvement.

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Glass Vessel Sink / Glass Wash Basin Care

Glass Vessel Sink / Glass Wash Basin Care Gallery

Glass is by far the most popular sink material. Glass sinks are available in thousands of different color combinations and many even feature printed images between the layers of glass. Glass sinks are easy to clean and maintain which is a big advantage; however glass sinks are also fairly easy to break,. Improper installation, over tightening of the drain, quick temperature changes or just a straight out impact could cause a glass sink to crack or shatter. It is important to note that if you do select a glass sink, make sure it is made of tempered glass because non tempered glass could definitely do some damage to you or your countertop if it ever shattered. And most people think that glass is not a warm or natural looking material. Maybe just because of the disadvantage of glass, more and more people trend to choose Stone sinks as the main role of the bathroom.

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Ceramic Vessel Sink / Ceramic Wash Basin Care

Ceramic Vessel Sink / Ceramic Wash Basin Care Gallery
Another common material used in sink design is ceramic or porcelain. These materials are very much an extension of a plain white in-counter bathroom sink, providing little or no natural uniqueness. The clear advantage of a ceramic or porcelain sink is that they are extremely easy to clean and are quite durable, but once again they are very plain if not boring looking.
stone sink     copper sink     wood sink     glass sink    ceramic sink    packing