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  Welcome to professional stone inspection photo service

According to the demand of our customers who care about their prepaid traditional,oriental natural stone for long-distance,we offer a professional stone inspection photo service.As one of the most professional stone suppliers, our experienced and educated staff professionals will shoot the most comprehensive and actual photos covering production, packing and transportation.Then return the informations back to you in time.

(1).Advantages of Natural Stone inspection?

·Know how your order is progressing during production as if you are in China

·Follow your order status online with detailed reports and pictures

·Be sure about the quality and the quantities of your order

·See the stone being produced by your supplier with online phototgraph's

·Receive reports and comments on your order's status from our experienced and educated staff professionals

·Be informed immediately if something goes wrong with your order so that you can contact with your supplier and solve the problemThe sizes and thickness of your order are checked regularly by our staff and if something is not proper it is detected prior to shipment

 ·Reports on the shipping status indicate if your order is on time

(2).How the Natural Stone inspection takes place?

The stages are:

·Let us know your requirements by MSN,TEL or E-mail.

·After receiving your instruction,we will contact you in time for details,including the appointed factory, linkman and the link-method.Meanwhile,you should send commision paper by fax that impower us to do the inspection.Then we immediately contact to your supplier and go up to take photos.

·Our experienced and educated staff are accomplished in stones for building,decoration, tombstone and arts&crafts.They will takereality photos then send these photos to our HQ in Xiamen by wireless notebook.

·The staff in HQ will settle the photos first ,and then send them to you by E-mail.Ifnecessary,we will work out professional report as reference, at the same time,waiting your further instruction.As the member of China Quality Inspection Association,we will actually respond your orders by our professional sole station.

(3).How much is it going to cost?

This is a non-profit increment service.We work on a price only for the basic travelling expenses.


For Business Client:

Costs may vary depending on the location of the factory.(map-link)

·District A:10USD/per time(Xiamen,Shuitou)

·District B:20USD/per time(zhangzhou,Nanjing,Quanzhou,Anxi,Nanan,Shishi,Huian)


·District D:we will make a quotation after business accounting expenses(Other cities except Fujian)


For VIP:

If you are our customer who bought products at one time,District Aand Benjoying free service

District Cand Donly pay the basic travelling expenses

(4).How are you going to pay?

You will feel convenient with the internet payment:

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