professional stone manufacturer and supplier with over ten years production & export experience
Export & Import Department ¡¡
Detail£ºfactory in Xiamen and Shuitou
¡¡ Detail£ºquarry of G603 and G681
Detail£ºExport & Import Department
We deal with all the import and export business here, including customer-service,reception honoured guest, negotiation,order delivery, arranging the shipping,writing bill of document, sending free sample, quotation, inquiry, sign contract,preparing stone fair,showing the sample,insurance, claim, etc.
Detail£ºfactory in Xiamen and Shuitou
Our own factory in Shuitou town and Xiamen city, professional granite and marble manufacturer and exporter, supply tile, slab, random size, countertops, vanity, basin, sink, limestone, travertine, sandstone,slate, mosaic, cobble, composite, quartzite, onyx, fireplace, block, with polish, honed,flamed, bush-hammered, mushroom, etc.

Detail£ºquarry of G603 and G681

Own mine and resource, adequate blocks, guarantee the color and veinidentical, we have six other graniteand marble quarry in Yunnan, Heibeicolor is black, beige, blue, green, red, grey, white. We will invest newquarry, ALLY has won customer trustwith high quality and service.
Detail£ºinfrared cuting department
Detail£ºgrinding department
Detail£ºmanual cuting department
Detail£ºinfrared cuting department
Marble and granite cut with automatic bridge cutting machine, specification isprecise, the logo is Wanling, Shengda,Yinhua, our factory improving theEquipment to according with international stone standard.
Detail£ºgrinding department
Handle the countertops edge and other plate edge with full bullnose, laminatededge, flag, eased, half bullnose, ogee, bevel, dupont, solid, radius, straight, round, demi bullnose, 1/4 bevel, 1/2 bevel and so on.?
Detail£ºmanual cuting department

Manual polishing and cutting popular inchina market, workers with rich experiencedo a good job that the items no bad than auto-machine, usually for granite and slate,sometimes use for notch and bevel, and other special function.

Detail£ºmiddle circular saw department
Detail£ºcircular saw department
Detail£ºgang saw department
Detail£ºmiddle circular saw department
Middle circular saw fit for small blocks
cutting,we have digital imitated machine
control by computer, ues in special sculpt,
stone line? column. Pillar, carving, capital,
stone border cubic stone, paving stone, etc.
Detail£ºcircular saw department
We have ten round saws for granite We have ten round saws for granite cutting, the product capacity is about 20000 sqm/month, small half slabs size 60-110cm width and free length,customize for special order.

Detail£ºgang saw department

6 marble gangsaws and 4 granite gangsaws,2 slabs polish line(8+15 heads), usually,slabs size 4'upX9'up (120cmupX240cmup)we have much merchandise on hand, welcome to order from us.

Stone technology:

Stone is natural material, will be vary in color, veining, please allow the normal tolerance,subject to real material.

Available both in standard sizes and also cut to customer requirement. Standard size: 300¡Á300mm, 300¡Á600mm, 400¡Á400mm, 400¡Á600mm, 600¡Á600mm, 600¡Á900mm, 800¡Á800mm, 900¡Á900mm, 1000¡Á1000mm, 1¡¯¡Á1¡¯¡Á3/8¡±(12¡±¡Á12¡±¡Á3/8¡±), 1¡¯¡Á2¡¯¡Á3/8¡± (12¡±¡Á24¡±¡Á3/8¡±), 16¡±¡Á16¡±¡Á3/8¡±, 18¡±¡Á18¡±¡Á3/8¡±, etc. Half slabs size: 1800mm up¡Á600mm up, 1800mm up¡Á700mm up, 1800mm up¡Á800mm up, 2400mm up¡Á600mm up, etc. Slabs size: 2400mm up¡Á1200mm up, etc. Random size are available, and we produce strict according to the customer¡¯s specification.
Thickness: Typical thickness are 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, etc.

Surface finishing including polish, sandblast, flamed, mushroom, natural, bush-hammered, chiselled, honed, cutting, rough, water-jet, flamed and brush, antique, etc.

Edge streatment
Laminated bullnose, Full bullnose, Half bullnose, Demi-bullnose, Ogee, bevel, eased, flat, radius, dupont, etc.

For thin tiles(10-13mm thickness) every 4-10pcs in one polystyrene box or carton and then packed into strong wooden crates or pallet. For tiles(20mm above thickness) packed into strong wooden crates covered with transparent plastic film to prevent dust and wet. For random size slabs packed into wooden bundles.

Shipping and delivery
  Because our products and quarry located in north china and south china, all our products loading and delivering from all available port, usually in XIAMEN PORT, SHENZHEN PORT, GUANGZHOU PORT, SHANGHAI PORT, TIANJIN PORT, QINGDAO PORT, we have a convenient and integrated system to control all the business successful.    And we usually send samples and documents by FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc.

Present on some marble and wooden surfaces: natural or artificial lines of different colour compared to the base

Black, yellow, red, white, grey, blue, brown, green, cream, beige, golden, etc.

Abrasive (polishing)
Used to remove and cancel by means of friction. Abrasive substances are very hard and are used to hone, finish-off and polish surfaces. Abrasives are classified in natural abrasives: (grinder, corundum, silica and quartz) and artificial abrasives: (silicon carbon or carborundum, aluminium oxide, powder glass, steel and cast iron grains).
For more invasive roughing-off processes, coarse grain abrasives are used while increasingly finer grain abrasives are used for finishing-off and polishing processes.

Igneous effusive neovolcanic rock with mainly porphyric structure, black or dark grey in colour.

Large compact mass of any material.

Wearing and grinding of a surface through friction. Erosion caused by the mechanical action of sea water on the rocks, cause and effect.
Cancellation obtained by scraping. Thanks to a mechanical movement, the surface abrasion of the manufactured slab originates honed marble and granite.

Intrusive magmatic rock with high siliceous content featuring a holocrystalline structure, generally made up of orthoclase, quartz and mica.
Some granites may contain feldspar, sodium calcium, pyroxene, mica and amphibole and as accessory elements, magnetite, apatite, tourmaline and zircon.
Granite offers good resistance to atmospheric agents, is distributed in the earth¡¯s crust and is used as building and covering material. Granite is a common and widely-occurring group of intrusive felsic igneous rocks that forms at great depths and pressures under continents. Granite consists of orthoclase, plagioclase quartz, hornblende, biotite, muscovite and minor accessories such as magnetite, garnet, zircon and apatite minerals. Rarely a pyroxene is present. Ordinary granite always carries a small amount of plagioclase, but when this is absent the rock is referred to as alkali granite. An increasing proportion of plagioclase feldspar causes granite to pass into granodiorite. A rock consisting of equal proportions of orthoclase and plagioclase plus quartz may be considered a quartz monozonite. A granite containing both muscovite and biotite micas is called a binary granite. The word granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the grained structure of such a crystalline rock. Granite occurs as stock-like masses and as batholiths often associated with mountain ranges and frequently of great extent. Granite has been intruded into the crust of the Earth during all geologic periods, except perhaps the most recent; much of it is of Precambrian age. Granite is widely distributed throughout the Earth. Because of its hardness and comparative cheapness in relation to marble, granite is often used to make kitchen countertops. A granite countertop can be cut in any shape, and it is virtually unscratchable. Very hot pots must not be placed onto it though, because the temperature differential could possibly crack the granite. Average density: 2750 kg/m3 (range 1741 to 2800)

Name generally used to define compact calcareous rock and non-calcareous rock that is easy to process. Thanks to the metamorphic effect, these rocks have acquired a more or less fine crystalline structure. Marble is said to be mono-chrome if the colour is uniform and polychrome in the presence of veins and speckles. The different nature and various distribution of the accessory components such as quartz, graphite and pyrites gives the marble various colours, from red to yellow and from grey to green; the arrangement of these minerals around the veins creates ornamental patterns. Marble is used for floors, walls, ornamental applications but is not highly resistant to atmospheric agents. Marble has a compression strength that ranges between 900 and 1200 kg/m³ and a specific weight between 2400 and 2700 kg/m. Marble is generally mined in open air quarries with auger wire that enables the extraction of large blocks. These blocks are transported by sliding them over a bed of rubble to the saw mill where they are cut into slabs according to their colour, body and defects, using blades sprayed with water and quartz sand. They are honed by carborundum discs and are polished by means of abrasive powders that get finer and finer, with damp felt fitted on the turning disc. Marble is metamorphosed limestone, composed of very pure calcium carbonate, CaCO3. The softness of marble and its relative isotropy and homogeneity make marble very desirable for sculpture and building stone. Although marble comes from limestone, the temperatures and pressures necessary to form marble usually destroy any fossils that may have been present in the limestone. Kinds of marble: * Carrara (Italy)
* Pentelicus (Greece)
* Proconnesus (Turkey) Carrara marble is prized for sculpture. In the building trades, the term "marble" is used for any massive, crystalline calcitic rock (and some non-calcitic rocks) useful for building stone. For example, Tennessee Marble is really a massive, highly fossiliferous gray to pink to maroon Ordovician dolostone, known as the Holston Formation by geologists. Marble derives its name from the Greek marmaros, shining stone. [source: OED2]. This stem is also the basis for the English word marmoreal meaning "marble-like". In folklore, marble is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Pure white marble is an emblem of purity. It is also an emblem of immortality, and an ensurer of success in education.

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock with perfect cleavage that allows it to split into thin sheets. Slate usually has a light to dark brown streak. Slate is produced by low grade metamorphism, which is caused by relatively low temperatures and pressures.
Slate has been used by man in a variety of ways over the years. One use for slate was in the making of headstones or grave markers. Slate is not very hard and can be engraved easily. The problem with slate though is its perfect cleavage. The slate headstones would crack and split along these cleavage planes. This is not a desirable attribute for a head stone. Slate was also used for chalk boards. The black color was good as a background and the rock cleaned easily with water. Today it is not very advantageous to use this rock because of its weight and the splitting and cracking over time.

Metamorphic rock rich in quartz and poor in or lacking mica. Quartzite is sandstone that has been metamorposed. Unlike sandstone, quartzite breaks through, not around, the quartz grains, producing a smooth surface instead of a rough and granular one. Quartzites are snowy white, less often pink or gray. They yield a thin and very barren soil and, because they weather slowly, tend to project as hills or mountain masses. Many prominent ridges in the Appalachian Mountains are composed of highly resistant tilted beds of quartzite. The term quartzite implies not only a high degree of hardening (induration), or "welding," but also a high content of quartz. Most quartzites contain 90 percent or more quartz, but some contain 99 percent and are the largest and purest concentrations of silica in the Earth's crust. Pure quartzites are a source of silica for metallurgical purposes and for the manufacture of brick. Quartzite is also quarried for paving blocks, riprap, crushed stone, railroad ballast, and roofing granules. In microscopic section the clastic structure of some quartzites is well preserved; the rounded sand grains are seen with quartz overgrowths deposited in crystalline continuity, so that optical properties of the grains are similar to those of the material surrounding them. In some cases a line of iron oxides may indicate the boundary of the original sand grain. Many quartzites, however, have been crushed, and the quartz largely is a mosaic of small, irregularly shaped crystalline fragments with interlocking margins. Sandstones turn into quartzite in two different ways. The first way involves low pressure and temperature, where circulating fluids fill the spaces between sand grains with silica cement. When this rock is broken, the fractures go right through the original grains, not around them. This kind of quartzite, orthoquartzite, is not strictly speaking a metamorphic rock because the original mineral grains are still there, and bedding planes and other sedimentary structures are still evident. Under the high pressures and temperatures of deep burial, the mineral grains recrystallize and all traces of the original sediments are erased. The result is a true metamorphic rock, called metaquartzite. This boulder is probably a metaquartzite. Quartzite is a very strong stone but is difficult to work. Because quartzite has a limited color range and is not often found in large bodies suited for quarrying, the building industry prefers granite for demanding

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of mineral calcite. The primary source of the calcite is usually marine organisms, which settle out of the water column and are deposited on the ocean floors as pelagic ooze (but see lysocline for information on calcite dissolution). Secondary calcite may also be deposited in super-saturated meteoric waters, as is evidenced by the creation of stalagmites and stalactites. Bands of limestone emerge from the Earth's surface in often spectacular rocky outcrops and islands. For example the Verdon Gorge in France, Malham Cove in North Yorkshire, England and the Ha Long Bay National Park in Vietnam. Limestone consists of sedimentary rock wholly or in large part composed of calcium carbonate. It is ordinarily white but may be coloured by impurities, iron oxide making it brown, yellow, or red and carbon making it blue, black, or gray. The texture varies from coarse to fine. Most limestones are formed by the deposition and consolidation of the skeletons of marine invertebrates; a few originate in chemical precipitation from solution. Limestone deposits are frequently of great thickness. Limestone often tends to be more expensive than Marble, Travertine and Granite, it also tends to be very popular with many discerning Architects, Designers, Builders, and Consumers. More and More interior d¨¦cor publications are emphasising on the use of Limestone and Travertine not only as a wise investment long-term to ceramics and terracotta but for the ease of maintenance and overall appearance. It is quarried for roadbeds and gravel roads, building and landscape construction, and cement manufacture.

Sandstone is an arenaceous sedimentary rock composed mainly of feldspar and quartz and varies in colour (in a similar way to sand), through grey, yellow, red, and white. Sandstones are often relatively soft and easy to work which therefore make them a common building and paving material. Sandstones are clastic in origin (as opposed to organic, like chalk or coal). They are formed from the cemented grains that may be fragments of a pre-existing rock, or else just mono-minerallic crystals. The cements binding these grains together are typically calcite, clays and silica. Grain sizes in sands are in the range of 0.1mm to 2mm. (Rocks with smaller grainsizes include silts and clays and are typically called argillaceous sediments. Rocks with larger grainsizes include both breccias and conglomerates and are termed rudaceous sediments.). The principle mechanism for the formation of sandstone is by the sedimentation of grains out of a fluid, such as a river, lake or sea. The environment of deposition is crucial in determining the characteristics of the resulting sandstone, which on a finer scale include its grainsize, sorting, composition and on a larger scale include the rock geometry. Principal environments of deposition may be split between terrestrial and marine, as illustrated by the following broad groupings: Terrestrial environments 1. Rivers (levees, point bars, channel sands) Lakes Marine environments 1.Shoreface sands, Deltas, Turbidites (submarine channels) Types of sandstone Once the geological characteristics of a sandstone have been established, it can then be broadly divided between three groups: 1.arkosic sandstones, which have a high (>25%) feldspar content
2. quartzose sandstones, such as quartzite, which have a high (>90%) quartz content.
3. argillaceous sandstones, such as greywacke, which have a significant fine-grained element

Travertine is a form of massive calcium carbonate, CaCO 3 , resulting from deposition by springs or rivers. It is often beautifully coloured and banded as a result of the presence of iron compounds or other (e.g., organic) impurities. This material is variously known as calc-sinter and calcareous tufa (when used for decorative purposes), in fact Travertine is actually a dense closely compacted form of limestone. Travertine is an excellent product for residential and commercial use and is becoming increasingly popular because not only does it have the elegant look of marble, but also once sealed Travertine tiles require very little maintenance, which allows for a timeless & beautiful appearance. Travertine is available in a number of finishes ranging from polish, cross-cut, regular-cut, honed & filled, honed & unfilled, tumbled, distressed-edge, patinato and unpolished to name a few. Travertine tile possess a wide range of colors, and cover the spectrum from pure white to deep mahogany. The various hues of Travertine tile can sometimes be constant throughout large pieces and at times are blended. Travertine tile displays distinct veins at times and is a very sturdy natural stone. Onyx marble, Mexican onyx, and Egyptian or Oriental alabaster are terms applied to travertine. Travertine is generally less coarse-grained and takes a higher polish than stalactite and stalagmite, which are similar in chemical composition and origin.

Homogenous body in which two identically directed portions have the same physical and chemical properties. They are classified in inorganic, organic, solid, liquid and gaseous. According to their origin, they are defined as primary (syngeneic or epigeneic) if they are found in the place where they formed and secondary if they have been transported, generally moved by water, from their place of origin to that where they are found.
From an industrial point of view, a mineral is said to be rich or poor according to the useful mineral percentage it contains. A raw mineral is any mineral taken from the ground.

Open air mine of rocks and minerals. Mining laws distinguish quarries and mines differently, according to the type of material mined. There are quarries of inert materials for cement-based conglomerates, of building materials (clay) or cement (limestone) of marble and ornamental stones and quarries for road constructions (chippings, crushed ballast and rubble)

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Help to source masonry consultant service for architects, interior designers, decoration specialists, artists, homeowners, general contractors, homebuilders and other building material dealers. Promote "made in china" to a word meaning high quality standard besides its competitive price. Keep up with the heartbeat of industry and concentrate on introducing creative products by experience and passion. Our ranges cover granite, marble, limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, onyx, pebble, quartzite and basalt. Product Availability:Dimensional cut to size marble slabs, granite gang saw and circular saw slabs, limestone slabs, travertine slabs, onyx slabs, marble granite half slabs for fabricators. Marble tiles, granite tiles, sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, travertine tiles, slate tiles, pebble tiles for flooring and roofing. Granite mushroom blocks, granite bricks, paving stones, granite curbstones, and granite cube stones for play yards, traditional or country houses. Marble granite monument tombstones, memorials stone, pet memorial, head stone, and gravestone. Prefabricated (prefab) or customer size marble countertops, marble worktops, marble islands, granite countertops, granite worktops, granite islands, bar tops, tabletops, metal base, stainless steel sinks, double granite bowl Kitchen sink, kitchen faucets, drawer knobs and handles for kitchen cabinets. Front desk, business center, and public bathroom for hotels. Marble vanity tops, granite vanities, straight front, bowed front, banjo front shapes. Eased, drip less, bull nose, half bull nose, laminated ogee edges, etc. Under mount or top mount ceramic sink cutout, toilet tissue cutout and facial slot apron (skirt). Solid granite sink bowl, marble sink bowl, onyx sink bowl, pedestal sink, marble bathtubs, granite bathtubs, nickel-plated brass accessories and claw-foot. Shower panels, tub surrounds, soap dishes for bathrooms. Factory applies sealer for stone maintenance and care. Curve marble and granite panels, solid and hollow columns and pillars for exterior and interior. Make granite marble railing baluster for balcony. Marble medallion, marble mosaic, granite mosaic, slate mosaic, metal mosaic and water-jet marble inlays for wall and floor. Marble molding and granite trim for ceiling and flooring basement. Windowsills, stairs, steps. Marble and granite fireplace, fire surrounds, fire space, vases, fountains, urns, statues, sculptures and handicrafts for ornamental purpose. Granite abstract animal, ball, desk, chairs and bench for garden and pool furniture. By relief carving and engraving process. Curbstones, pavement stone, square stone, pattern stone for paving in heavy-duty ground. Blocks, bricks and wall panels in any finishing such as polishing, flamed and honed for exterior wall cladding. Stone Colors and quarries: We buy blocks from direct exporters from Brazil, India, Norway, Finland, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Greece. White Granite: Camelia White, Bianco Tapajo, American Grey, Caesar White, Rosa Blanca, Peppermint, Dallas White, Panna Fragola, Samba White, Imperial White, Kashmir White, Grigio Malaga, Grigio Perla, Gran Perla, Gris Perla, Stanstead Grey, Pocheon Pink, White Galaxy, Bianco Regina, Bianco Sardo, Bianco Argento Yellow Granite Andraw White, Autumn Gold, Serizzo Antigorio, Raw Silk, Juparana Colombo, Sahara Gold, Vyara, Ghibli, Topazio Imperiale, Samoa, Giallo SF Real, Crystal Gold, Giallo Veneiano, Summer Yellow, Giallo Topazio, Giallo Alba, Giallo Napoleon, Ouro Gaucho, Giallo Fiorito, Fantasy Viyola, Dallas Pink, Giallo Cecilia, Giallo California, Giallo Calafuria, Giallo Antico, Juparana Dourado, Rosa Lris, Carioca Gold, Golden Leaf Red Granite Quarzite Rosa Diamante, Rosa Corallo, Ambra Dorata, Rosa Beta, Ghiandone, Rosa Ghiandone, Suya Pink, Pink Green, Rose Green, Rosa Limbara, Pink Fantasy, Homiat Red, Rosa Stresa, Indian Juparana, Camelia Pink, Salisbury Pink, Rosa Vel, Pink Porrino, African Juparana, Sunshine Red, Texas Pink, Texas Red, Tumkur Red, Desert Green, Queen Rose, Ruweidah Pink, Lilla Gerais, Tropical,Lillet, Multicolor Red, Rosa Lris, Vermillion, Richearth Red, Tiger Skin, Grey Stripe Pink, Amazon Brown, Najran Red, Aswan Red, Pokkala Red, Pink Rose, Tigrato Red, Adoni Chocolee, Jacaranda, Cobra Red, Parana Tropical, Shangri, Brasil Violot, Saint Troppez, Derby Brown, Canada Red, Tranas Red, Zaphipe Blue, PR Red, Red Dragon, Vanga Red, Goa Red, Funil, Rainbow,Balmoral Red, Santiago Red, Dragon Eyes, Red Sierra Chica, Jhansi Red, Karelia Red, Eagle Red, Sierra Chica, Vietnam Red, Africa Red, Bundela Red, Royal Red, Colorado Gaucho, Red Brazil Green Granite Verde Affait, Forest Green, San Francisco Green, ST. Francisco, Tropical Green, Verde Eucalipto, Amazon Green, Ecogreen, Itagreen, Mary Green, Verde Marina, Fior Di Gactus, Verde Fiorito, Hassan Green, Green Jade, Emerald Green, Olive Green, Verde Fontein, Fountaine Green, Caledonia, Pine Green, Serizzo Antigorio, Mocca Green, Baltic Green, Labrador, Green Lavras, Verde Lavras, Butterfly Green, Verde Ubatuba, Verde Bahia, Verde Veneziano Blue Granite Super Grey, Barre Grey, Azul Aran, Blue King, Royal Bule, Pearl, Midnight Rose, Blue Jade, Kuru Grey, Palm Green, Scuru, Vizag Blue, Laverdar Blue, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Azul Bahia Brown Granite New Mahogany, African Lilac, Tropical Bahia, River Rose, Kinawa, Macarena Gold, Red Tupin, Himalayan Blue, Paradiso, Royal Mahogany, Dakota Mahogany, Desert Lilac, New Caledonia, Champagne, Amendoa, Marron Guaiba, San Louis, Blue Bahia, TropicBrown, Zeta Brown, Brown Pearl, Baltic Brown, Saphire Brown, Najran Brown, Polychrome, Magic Brown, Imperial Brown, Tan Brown, Star Ruby, Cafe Imperiale, Versailles Black Black Granite Barry Black, Silver Grey, Nero Panama, Impala Black, Lambrian Black, New Tijuca, Black Galaxy, Belfast, Zimbabwe Black, Labrador Pearl Black, Mocca Black Import Marble Section White Marble Thassos White, Statuario, Arabescato Faniello, Arabescato Corchia, Statuario Venato, Arabescato Normal, Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Royal, Arabescato Vagli, Arabescato Cervaiole, Bianco Carraro Venato, Ariston, Volakas, Venus Galaxy, Bianco Carrara, White Fossil, Taiwan White, Calacatta Gold Yellow Marble Palissandro Classico, Palissandro Oniciato, Afyon, Bianco Perlino, Trani Chiaro, Royal Botticino, Crema Marfil, Citatah Beige, Century Crean, Bianco Teseo, Botticino Fiorito, Antica, Botticino Classico, Beige Portofino, Galala, Toprak Beige, Rosso Filetto, Perlato Sicilia, Crema Imperiale, Alpenina, Serpenggiante, Breccia Sarda, Rosalia, Beige Caramella, Beige, Perlato Royal, Anan Fossil, Trani Fiorito, Rustic Beige, Rose Blue, Egyptian Yellow, Sunny Yellow, Perlato Svevo, Dragon Beige, Amarillo Triana, Inous Gold, Spanish Gold, Gold Mocca Red Marble Egeo Rose, Breccia Damascata, Breccia Oniciata, Empress Rose, Dragon Yellow, Iran Pink, Crema Valencia, Rosa Portogallo, Rosa Portogallo Chiaro, Roea Portogallo Salmone, Rosa Brasile, Rosa Zarci, Midnight Sun, Rosso Norvegian, Amber, Perlino Rosato, Rojo Alicante, Rosso Verona, Tea Rose, Italian Rose, Saint Flourian, Amazon Brown, Rosa Fantasy, Breccia Dorada, Breccia Pernice Rosso, Arabescato Orobico, Bilbao Red, Rouge France, Rouge DE Roy, Rosso Levanto, Rosso Antico Green Marble Taiwan Light Green, Taiwan Medium Green, Taiwan Dark Green, Taiwan Imperial Green, India Green, Verde Aver, Verde Patricia, Verde San Denise, Verde Rameggiatto Brown Marble Grigio Carnico, Emperador Light, Emperador Dark, Palissandro Bluette, Palissandro Blue Nuvolato, Bardiglio Bluette, Bardiglio Imperiale Chiaro, Bardiglio Imperiale Scuro, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano, Bardiglio Scuro Black Marble Rosso Salome, Portoro, Noir ST. Laurent, Port Laurent, Nero Galassia Fossice, Black Marquina, Noir DU Belgique Other Marble Bianco P.Smeralda, Brown Onyx, Green Onyx, Iran Resin Yellow, Multicolour Jade, Travertine Navona, Travertine Romano, Diano Real, White Travertine, Marron Travertine, Travertine Noce, Red Travertine, Caliza Capri, Moca Crema, Perlato Europa, Jekmar Cream, Pietra Serena, Giallo Fatima, Giallo Royal Tafu, Pietra Dorata, Australian Sandstone, Teak Wood Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone China Granite Section Ana Red, Bainbrook Brown, G634 Misty Mauve,Carnelian Red Finishing:Polished, polishing, flamed, honed, bush hammered, chiseled, sand blasted, water jet, chamfered and calibrated, natural cleft. Edging details:Bull nose, Double Dupont, Flat, Demi, Bevel, Versailles, Waterfall, Ogee, Elipse, Holland, Double Eased, Dupont, Triple Waterfall, Ogee Square, Versalle Square, Demi Square, Bevel Square, Dupont Demi, Executive Ogee, Reverse Triple Waterfall, Ogee Bullnose, Double Ogee, Laminated. LM. Quality and price:Ensure competitive price and qualified products. Contact our customer service for samples, catalogs and price enquiry. Factory inspectors and supervisors seal the long-term comprehension of quality control.